5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Kauai Commercial Landscape

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kauai commercial landscape

You’re ready to embark on an overhaul of your commercial landscape.

It’s time to revamp, or completely renovate and start from scratch. This is a big decision, and a wise one. The returns on a landscape investment are many, including: increased foot traffic on a commercial property, and more enjoyable experiences for site visitors, who will be likely to stay on the property longer. They may even spend more money!
Landscaping can also be a competitive advantage over other commercial properties. As consumers, we often choose with our eyes: What appeals wins.

That said, a lot of planning is required before breaking ground. Here are five questions you should ask yourself while planning your commercial landscape.

Start With W’s: Who Will Use the Space — When and Why?

Let’s start with the basics: Who is the “audience” on your property, and why do people go there? Are they guests of a luxury resort who have traveled far to get there? Or, are they shoppers in a retail complex—or individuals going to work at an office building?

Also, consider when the property will be used. This helps when planning features such as landscape lighting and other functional/safety aspects of the property.

What Are The Property ‘Pains?’

kauai commercial landscape

Every property has its high and low points. What challenges does your site present? Are there slopes that prompt erosion issues? Is drainage a concern? Examine sun exposure and identify plant beds need attention. (There’s always a reason why: sun exposure, soil content, maintenance, etc.)

Keep in mind, these property pains can be addressed, and an experienced commercial landscape contractor will find solutions, work around any limitations and highlight your property’s assets.

What Opportunities Does The Property Offer?

It’s not all bad, is it? Now, make a list of the property’s positive qualities. What do you like best about the landscape? Is it the showy bed of annuals at the entrance that invites guests inside, or a tall, swanky palm that has been on the property before any person’s foot every set ground there? Do you love the direct sun the property gets, or the shady spaces that provide protection from the heat?

A well-executed landscape design will enhance your property’s best qualities while addressing aspects that are cause for concern. The result: No one will notice those property “pains” you addressed.

What Is Your Landscape Budget?

You probably have a number in your head for what you can afford to spend on the landscape, and if you don’t then now is the time to put pen to paper. It’s never too early to talk budget. What can you afford this season?

Remember, landscaping is a long-term commitment, and once a master landscape plan is developed, projects can be broken down into manageable phases that accommodate your budget.

How Will The Property Be Maintained?

Over the life of a landscape, the design and installation is a small portion. The real work involved comes with maintaining the property so it thrives. Proper, ongoing maintenance is critical for ensuring the health and vitality of the landscape—and protecting your investment. The good news is, a low-maintenance landscape can be designed to reduce the time and cost associated with weekly and seasonal care.

Also think about who will ultimately maintain the property. Is the company that installed the landscape equipped to continue with maintenance? This is a best-case scenario, because you’ll know that the landscape was designed with maintenance in mind. Plus, the team will be personally acquainted with the plants and layout of your property, not to mention committed to its success.

No Ka Oi is the only commercial landscape company to focus on maintenance, but we can also help you plan your new landscape installation with future maintenance and upkeep in mind. Ready to plan your Kauai commercial landscape and not sure where to start? Let No Ka Oi walk you through the process, and help you identify the challenges, assets—and potential—on your property.

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