3 Reasons To Choose A Commercial Landscape Contractor Focused On Landscape Maintenance

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You’re vetting landscape firms to maintain your commercial property, and there’s much to consider. You want a company that can manage all of your needs: installing plants, caring for landscape beds, maintaining the irrigation system and handling weekly (or more frequent) mowing, edging and basic property maintenance. It’s a tall order.

In the maintenance world, you get what you pay for—and there are plenty of companies out there that bid low and promise a lot (they probably don’t know better). Do your homework, and consider the advantages of working with a commercial landscape contractor focused on maintenance. When maintenance is the specialty, it drives design decisions, informs crews’ performance and raises the quality. The result: a landscape investment that retains its value.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a landscape firm that focuses on maintenance.

Reason #1: Projects Are Designed With A Maintenance Mindset

Right plant, right place—less maintenance. When plant material is properly selected based on site conditions (soil content, sun exposure, weather in general), you’re giving those plants the best chance to thrive.

Landscape companies that consider maintenance as they execute designs are careful to choose plants that can be maintained successfully. Also, the company will better maintain irrigation systems because it knows the ins and outs of the design and system components.

When landscapes are designed with a maintenance mindset, they actually cost less to maintain. It’s a more budget-conscious approach.

Reason #2: Specially Trained Crews Can Troubleshoot Problems

Maintenance crews have an eye for detail and are trained to identify weed and disease issues in the landscape. They have knowledge of plants and irrigation systems and can make recommendations to improve the look of your property.

And, because they are on the property weekly (sometimes more often) they establish a sort of relationship with the landscape. They get to know its plants, they understand the site’s challenges and are committed to keeping the landscape healthy.

Reason #3: Protect Your Landscape Investment Over The Long-Term

Your landscape is a significant investment, and a regular maintenance schedule performed by an experienced landscape contractor is the best insurance on your living environment.

A landscape left unattended can actually decrease the value of the property—it becomes an eyesore. But the property will thrive if knowledgeable landscape professionals carefully maintain it.

As with anything, you get out of the landscape what you put into it. Hiring a landscape firm that focuses on maintenance will help retain its value for years to come.

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