4 High-Traffic Heroes For Your Kauai Commercial Property

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4 High-Traffic Heroes For Your Kauai Commercial PropertyFoot traffic is exactly what Kauai commercial property owners strive for—the more guests, the merrier. Well-maintained landscapes lure visitors to explore the grounds and soak in the garden feel, and to take their time in the space. (We know that the longer our guests stay on our properties, the more they will spend.) The question is: Can your Kauai commercial landscape hold up against foot traffic?

Ideally, your property will offer a range of plantings that are selected based on each area in a landscape’s sun exposure, soil content—and just how much traffic that land will bear.

It goes back to our motto: Right plant, right place. By incorporating high-traffic landscape solutions into your Kauai commercial landscape, you can reduce maintenance demands and improve the overall appearance of your property. Why? Because you won’t be forcing a delicate plant to grow where people walk.

Here are five beautiful, hardy potential solutions for high-traffic Kauai commercial landscapes.

High-Traffic Solution #1: Creeping Perennials

We love perennials for their versatility and sustainability—once they’re in the ground, as long as they are properly maintained, these plants are in the landscape for the long haul.

Creeping perennials grow close to the ground and generally reach just 1 to 2 inches high. They’re ideal for pathways, borders and around water features. They add texture when spilling out of container plantings. Foot traffic can actually encourage lateral growth of creeping perennials.

High-Traffic Solution #2: Groundcovers

Groundcovers grow taller than creeping perennials, generally extending 2 to 36 inches from the ground’s surface. They offer aesthetic appeal, are generally low-maintenance and provide a lush, texture to the landscape.  

While these plants aren’t meant for walking, they fill in spaces surrounding beds or property lines. Groundcovers can keep guests on a path—though they can handle occasional foot traffic. As with any plant selection, you’ll want to choose a variety that will thrive given the sunlight and soil content in the particular space in your Kauai commercial landscape.

High-Traffic Solution #3: Turfgrass

4 High-Traffic Heroes For Your Kauai Commercial PropertyThe most foot-traffic-friendly plant available is turfgrass, particularly varieties with narrow blades that easily bounce back when tread upon. Turfgrasses that thrive on Kauai commercial properties include: Seashore Paspalum, St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia and Bahia. The turf type you choose depends entirely on your property.

Kauai is an island of microclimates, and what thrives on one commercial property might flop in a landscape just a couple miles away. That’s why we recommend consulting with an experienced commercial landscape company that can provide valuable feedback on what turfgrass will grow strong on your landscape, and therefore require less maintenance.

High-Traffic Solution #4: Hardscape

On some Kauai commercial properties, the best option to “plant” is not a plant at all. Hardscaping not only accepts foot traffic, but it encourages guests to enter the landscape and enjoy it. Hardscaping is the ultimate landscape “tour guide”: They say “Follow this path!” “Explore these stepping stones!” and “Meander toward that patio.” (See what we mean?)

As for maintenance, you won’t worry about hardscape bouncing back after a busy event where guests trampled (or danced) on your grounds.

And hardscaping can even discourage foot traffic when necessary. For example, retaining walls—even lower hardscape borders—can direct foot traffic toward desired walking spaces.

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