The 5 Most Neglected Areas On Your Commercial Property

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You’re focused on the big-ticket landscape maintenance items that must be managed on your commercial Kauai property: mowing, edging, pruning, fertilization, cleanups. You check all of the boxes—the major tasks are under control. But in the meantime, details often get neglected, and we see this happen all the time.

Weeds peek through the cracks in an asphalt parking lot, making the drive look messy. Or an easement or public land bordering your property contains weeds that become a focal point from your commercial property. How frustrating!

Then there are enclosed areas like spaces where dumpsters are kept—and boy can those areas get nasty. (We promise you, guests do see those “hidden spots” on your property.)

Details matter. That’s why we encourage you to pay close attention to the following often-overlooked areas on your property. If ignored, they can drag down the overall aesthetic and property value.

Weeds Peeking Through Asphalt Cracks

cracks and weeds in asphalt on commercial properties are often neglectedSidewalk cracks, asphalt crevices, curb lines—these are all ripe ground for weed infestation, and because these spots are not part of the main lawn, they can get ignored. When you do not manage weeds in these spots, the growth can cause your commercial property to look unpolished.

There is a simple fix: we spray the sidewalk and asphalt cracks with a herbicide to spot treat those trouble spots. We also weed and treat along curb lines, which creates a cleaner entryway to your Kauai property.

Unsafe & Unsightly Sidewalks

Sidewalks that settle create a gap that can trip pedestrians stepping into the adjacent grass. This poses a real safety hazard for guests on your commercial property. The sidewalk sag happens because of settling soil or because the sidewalk was not properly installed. Regardless, we always recommend building up the area with topsoil and planting to ensure safe walking areas for visitors.

Landscape Eyesores On The Horizon

Horizon weedsThere is plenty of undeveloped land on Kauai, and properties owned by the city, county or state or your own undeveloped property might not be rigorously maintained. The thing is, your visitors’ sight lines extend beyond the formal landscaping. They see the horizon, and that could mean views of undermanaged landscapes, weeds and other messy growth.

That’s why taking care of the horizon is critical, and at No Ka Oi we always pay attention to the land that’s two feet beyond your commercial property line. If there are weeds that are four-feet high or less, we will remove those from that perimeter.

Unkempt Entryways

If you’re giving the entryway to your Kauai commercial property the same maintenance attention that you do other areas of your property, then we suggest you crank it up a notch for the “welcome mat” of your landscape. This goes back to the first impression factor: your entryway’s appearance is the top curb appeal factor. Make sure shrubs are neatly pruned and do not interfere with walkways or entrances. And look up: coconut trees near entryways can pose a safety risk if not properly maintained and pruned. Fresh mulch and updated annuals indicate ongoing care to the entryway, and this may assure visitors that the rest of the accommodations on your property will also meet their high standards.

Messy Enclosures — Like Dumpster Areas

dumpster enclosures are often a neglected area on commercial propertiesEnclosed spaces that house dumpsters, utility boxes or whatever else you want to hide need landscape maintenance attention so they don’t become eyesores on the property. You may think that visitors will not see these areas, but that’s not the case at all!

Plus, the debris and rubbish that often collect in these spaces can attract unwanted critters. Animals foraging around dumpster areas can cause damage to the surrounding commercial landscape and also cause other safety and sanitation issues. Enclosures should be kept clean and weed-free, and surrounding turf should be edged so the space looks neat.

Tackle Neglected Areas In Your Commercial Landscape

Attention to detail separates stunning properties from those that look so-so. It’s the little things that chip away at a commercial property’s value—weeds in crevices, rubbish by the entryway, gaps in the sidewalk. Don’t let your Kauai landscape lose value by overlooking these commonly neglected commercial landscape maintenance tasks.

Let’s talk more about how a professional landscape maintenance firm like No Ka Oi can add that polished touch to your Kauai commercial property. Call us any time at (808) 335-5887, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


Images: Weed in sidewalk, Dumpster

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