Transform Your Kauai Resort With These 4 Essential Landscape Maintenance Tasks

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Transform Your Kauai Resort With These 4 Essential Landscape Maintenance TasksGreat landscape transformations are possible without starting from scratch with the design or undergoing major construction. The key to a lush, inviting Kauai resort property is to create a healthy, natural-looking garden environment—only fitting for the Garden Isle.

Guests visiting your Kauai resort want to soak up that island environment, so providing them with the appropriate scenery—a well-maintained landscape—is absolutely essential for winning their repeat business. Think about it: If you were visiting a high-end Kauai resort, how would you react to seeing weeds in flower beds? What if you tripped over an irrigation head or got injured by a falling coconut?

Thoughtful, regular commercial maintenance will keep your Kauai resort property beautiful, safe and business-friendly. Here are four tasks that should be included in your sustainable landscape maintenance plan.

Essential Maintenance Task #1: Provide Good Food for Your Kauai Resort Property

Is your Kauai resort property getting the proper nutrition it needs to green up, retain its vigor, and combat weeds and disease? We find that many landscape contractors skimp on fertilizer programs because, quite frankly, the materials can be expensive.

Unfortunately, clients suffer because they do not realize that their properties are not getting the “feeding” that was promised in the contract. Or, because fertilization does tend to drive up the price of services, a resort may opt to cut back. This is never a good idea. The good news is, there are ways to value engineer services to ensure that premiere commercial maintenance services fit into your budget.

Fertilizer is absolutely crucial to maintaining a healthy Kauai landscape. When we begin our program with resort properties, their landscapes respond immediately.

Our clients say, “This looks great! Everything is flowering!” Our response: “That’s because the plants were starving!” Just as we all need a healthy, balanced diet to grow and thrive, so do our landscapes: turf, trees, shrubs and flowers.

Essential Maintenance Task #2: Assess and Monitor Irrigation

Transform Your Kauai Resort With These 4 Essential Landscape Maintenance TasksSome undesirable grasses love to be overwatered, and the more Kauai resorts irrigate their landscapes, the more those uglies grow. (We’re talking about Hilo grass.) These varieties are hard to choke out because they’re survivors.

The result: turf that’s a hodge-podge of grass you want and grass you want gone. Proper watering is crucial for maintaining a healthy landscape, and that is not easy in Kauai with our microclimates. Every property has different weather conditions. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all irrigation solution or lawn care program in Kauai.

At No Ka Oi, we closely monitor every resort to determine each property’s irrigation requirements. We adjust systems accordingly.

Essential Maintenance Task #3: Look Out For Landscape Safety Hazards

We don’t always think about the potential risks that landscapes can present when they are not properly maintained. Overgrown plants can obstruct walkways and driveways, potentially causing harm to pedestrians at the resort. Stray branches can spoil beautiful Kauai sight lines—part of the reason why resort guests choose to stay on the island in the first place.  

Concerning landscape safety, we always carefully review resort properties for ruts in the turf that could cause a slip-and-fall accident. The same goes for irrigation heads that pop up too high or are inappropriately placed. And of course, coconut trees can be fatal if not properly maintained.

Essential Maintenance Task #4: Spot The Little Details

The smallest “spoiler” can tarnish a guest’s impression of a Kauai resort property: Weeds in flower beds. Brown patches of turf. Shrubs that need to be pruned. We are strong believers in attention to detail—the little stuff is a big deal!

Transform Your Kauai Resort With These 4 Essential Landscape Maintenance TasksA commercial landscape crew should be trained to spot any minor defects on a property and manage them immediately. Resort guests are paying for beauty, and a professional landscape firm that focuses on maintenance and is “native” to Kauai will understand how to respond.

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