Xeriscaping - Sustainable Gardens

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Xeriscaping is an innovative and creative means of conserving water through the landscape. Xeriscaping is a part of a sustainable approach to landscaping beginning with “Right Plant Right Place.”

Did you know an estimated 50% of water consumption in the average home is used outdoors! With water a most precious and limited natural resource, sustainable landscape service providers and conscious homeowners want to minimize water waste and enjoy a lush beautiful landscape.

Using a Xeriscape concept can save anywhere from 30 to 80 percent in water consumption. Good for the Planet Earth! This concept translates to real dollars savings on water and sewer charges, as well. Good for the property owner!
Think sustainability – How will I plan, plant, and maintain a garden taking advantage of the native growing climate and make efficient use of water.

Here are some simple guidelines to consider when Xeriscaping you property or residence.
1. A Xeriscape garden starts with good planning and design.
2. Use a LEED rate turf. NKO recommends El Toro.
3. A well-planned irrigation system saves water.
4. Amend soil to be efficient in H2O absorption and water-holding capacity.
5. Mulch planting beds for low maintenance.
6. "Less-thirsty" plants improve your garden in more ways than one.
7. Regular maintenance preserves the beauty of your landscape & saves water.

When planning your garden many landscape designers and homeowners forget to ask “HOW WILL THIS BE MAINTAINED?” Regular ongoing maintenance includes mowing, pruning, weeding, proper fertilization and pest control. This can all be accomplished in a sustainable approach.

Pay attention to the irrigation system and be sure to adjust water delivery depending on the time of the year and real climate condition.

There are many native Hawaiian plants that are less thirsty and provide beautiful design. Visit Flora at the NKO Nursery in Hanapepe and she can help with your Xeriscape sustainable plant selection.