Quality Counts: Setting Standards That Differentiate Your Kauai Commercial Landscape

sheraton-kauai-resort-pool-landscaping-koloa-hi-3.jpgQuality counts. We can say this all we want, but how we ‘walk the talk’ is ultimately what will differentiate your Kauai commercial property from the rest. Every day, your landscape should have that “roll out the green carpet” appearance for guests.

What are some clues that a landscape company is committed to quality? Your grass looks greener, and vibrant flowerbeds are weed-free. There is no debris within sight—including by curbs and in drainage grates. The property looks clean, crisp and cared for. 

Quality also means consistency. Your property should look its best all of the time. And this is important for a number of reasons. First, a beautiful property attracts tenants and guests, improving occupancy rates and business. Quality landscaping increases the property value.

“You need occupancy, so you need a safe, secure, professional looking environment,” says Bill Arman, landscape consultant with The Harvest Group, which implements its Quality Counts program at No Ka Oi Landscape Services.

He also points out that “having consistent quality is less expensive in the long-run, yet highly valuable all the time.”

So, quality literally counts. And No Ka Oi is committed to assuring quality on your Kauai property through our Quarterly Quality Assessment process.

Why Quality Counts: Assessing Your Kauai Landscape

Bill Arman in actionAt No Ka Oi, we are constantly asking ourselves: How can we do it better? This means constantly reviewing our processes and the services we offer to commercial property owners and managers.

After three decades in the landscaping business, we feel a responsibility as the island’s premier landscape company to constantly sharpen the saw. Our clients appreciate knowing that we never rest on our laurels and our investment in quality systems has a direct, positive impact on their Kauai resorts, retail establishments, businesses and homeowners’ associations.

So, three years ago we committed to the Quality Counts program. The Quality Counts program began with an assessment of our programs, processes and best practices.

What does this mean for you, the commercial property owner?

Every quarter you’ll get a dedicated professional who performs the Quality Assessment on your Kauai property. “I pretend I’m the pickiest customer you’ve ever had in your entire life,” says Arman, who we consult with to implement the Quality Counts program. “I also pretend I’m a vicious competitor.” 

No detail is overlooked during a Quarterly Quality Assessment. “I count the dead blossoms,” Arman says. “I count the snails, I count the weeds. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect consistency.”

Meanwhile, our No Ka Oi team inspects and reviews all properties, rating performance and quality in six key areas:

  • Turf
  • Flowers
  • Ornamentals
  • Trees
  • Irrigation
  • Safety

There are inspection points that fall under each category. For example, we assess turf for its mowing pattern, edging, weeds, cleanliness and pests. We review flowers for deadheading, weeds and overall plant health. Ornamentals must be trimmed, weeded and healthy. We score irrigation based on repair and soil moisture.

When properties are in The Zone, they score 85% to 90%. And we expect our properties to be in The Zone every day, not just following an assessment. Our No Ka Oi team acts as a champion of job quality on the commercial properties we serve because quality is ingrained in our culture. 

Never Settle: Setting A Higher Standard

Quality tree trimmingYou might be wondering if there is such thing as 100%, but we believe there is no “perfect.” We set the bar high, and our quality standards are why commercial property owners choose No Ka Oi.

We never let a detail slide. And we admit, we are hard on ourselves. We know that no matter how manicured a property is, there is always room for improvement.

The Quarterly Quality Assessments are “positive pressure” and keep every team member accountable. We “own” the landscape and are a partner that is completely focused on making sure your property stands out from the rest on Kauai.

“This program helps market clients’ properties and positions them for success,” Arman points out, relating how No Ka Oi becomes part of property owners’ business and marketing teams. Delivering on our quality promise secures their investment.

Committed To Quality in Landscaping

Swimming pool maintenance

The Quality Counts program adds another layer of accountability to our quality promise at No Ka Oi. Our commercial property owners appreciate that we are the eyes and ears on their properties—we’re looking out for your landscape. That way, you can focus on their businesses and servicing clients.

Our job is to maintain quality landscapes. We take that seriously, and the Quarterly Quality Assessment and Quality Counts program are ways we implement quality-driven processes.

We’re not just talking quality. We are delivering it.

Let’s talk more about how our quality standards align and what we can do to differentiate your landscape from other Kauai properties. Call us any time at 808-335-5887, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.



No detail is overlooked during a Quarterly Quality Assessment. Performance and quality are measured in six key areas:
  1. Turf
  2. Flowers
  3. Ornamentals
  4. Trees
  5. Irrigation
  6. Safety


Bill Arman, landscape consultant, The Harvest Group

You need occupancy, so you need a safe, secure, professional looking environment. Having consistent quality is less expensive in the long-run, yet highly valuable all the time.

Bill Arman, landscape consultant, The Harvest Group