Don’t Settle: Qualities to Look For In Your Kauai Commercial Landscape Contractor

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An attractive, thoughtfully maintained landscape speaks volumes about a business. Natural, healthy plantings roll out the red carpet for guests. Lush landscapes set the tone for visitors arriving at high-end Kauai resorts, and shoppers are more likely to pull into a retail plaza and spend money there if the atmosphere is appealing.

Kauai commercial landscape
Who will you trust to care for and maintain
your Kauai commercial landscape?

Landscape management goes far deeper than curb appeal. Hiring a landscape contractor to care for your Kauai commercial property is a big decision—and a significant investment, depending on the size and scope of your property.

Savvy business owners in every industry know to focus on their talents, and seek out professionals who are experts in their fields to manage other critical tasks. That means sourcing a reputable, high-quality commercial landscape company that will execute on your goals. (Yes, you should absolutely get a return on this investment.)

But what should you look for when vetting a commercial landscape company? As you embark on the bidding process, or at the very least interview a few firms for the job, here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you make the decision.

Quality #1: Solid Qualifications

You usually get what you pay for, so forget price shopping if your goal is to hire a quality commercial landscape contractor. Instead, consider the company’s portfolio of clients: What other commercial establishments in your area use this firm, and how do their properties look?

Look for certifications and membership in professional associations, such as the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET). Involvement in the local chamber of commerce shows a commitment to the community. Find out if the landscape company has received awards for their work. This is an indication that the firm is a high-performer.

Quality #2: Problem Solving

A professional landscape management company will generally conduct a property walkthrough prior to providing a bid to get better acquainted with your landscape and its needs. This is an ideal time to ask questions.

Find out how the company would manage a trouble spot. Ask about solutions for an overgrown area, or sustainable landscape choices that will reduce maintenance costs. You want to hire a company that does more than cut the grass and trim back hedges.

A quality commercial landscape contractor will help solve problems and constantly seek ways to improve your property’s appearance and increase its value.

Quality #3: Dedication

Ask the commercial landscape companies you’re vetting to explain how they’ll communicate with you about your property, including progress updates, potential problems and ideas for landscape enhancements.

Set expectations concerning service frequency, and get on paper a commitment to fulfill your maintenance objectives. Look for a maintenance company that specializes in landscape management. You’ll know they are bringing you best-in-class service because maintenance is their sweet spot.

Quality #4: Safety

It’s rarely the first thing you’ll ask a landscape contractor—but it probably should be: What’s your safety record?

How does the company train its crewmembers to stay safe while executing high-quality service? (What about eye and ear protection?) Commercial landscape companies with a clean safety record usually take extra measures when hiring employees, including drug testing. All this sets a higher standard for quality.

Quality #5: Stellar References

Word of mouth is the best way to source a quality Kauai commercial landscape contractor. Why? Because when we’re happy about the work someone provides us, we want to brag about it. If you’re hearing positive feedback about a landscape company directly from another client, take those referrals to heart. (Think about it: We’re more likely to complain about a company than sing its praises—so if another owner is boasting about their landscape firm, listen up.)

Be sure to call references provided by the landscape company. Ask those contacts specific questions, such as: Tell me about a time when you were not pleased, and how did the company make it right? By asking a couple of on-point questions, you’ll gain a more honest perspective of the company’s performance.

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