3 Hidden Landscape Maintenance Costs On Your Kauai Commercial Property

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You’ve got big plans for your landscape, and that includes an inspired plant list of flowering shrubs, annuals, perennials and trees that will captivate an audience.

As a commercial property, you recognize that curb appeal translates to attracting customers who spend. A properly planned landscape can be a welcome mat that reels in revenues.

But maintenance can be a costly drain on finances if a landscape project isn’t planned with the after-care in mind. A professional commercial landscape company will go beyond creating the design and lay out a maintenance plan, as well.

In the meantime, here are three hidden maintenance costs to consider—and beware if your landscaper isn’t telling you about these culprits up front.

Hidden Maintenance Cost #1: High-Maintenance Plants

A landscape plan should take into account your site’s conditions: sun exposure, soil content and quality, and overall environmental conditions. On Kauai, your property’s “weather” can depend on whether the site is located on the eastern, middle or western part of the island.

With northeast tradewinds bringing precipitation and ample rainfall to eastern properties, those clouds dissipate mid-island and western areas can be very dry. Plant selection should be based on the property’s microclimate, and on Kauai, every site can demand different considerations.

Hidden Maintenance Cost #2: Too Much Turf

The ideal image of a golf course’s green lawn is not necessarily what nature intended. The reality is, turf can require frequent irrigation and a meticulous lawn care program to manage weeds and disease.

That said, an expanse of the proper turf for Kauai (turf selection is key!) can be much easier and less time-consuming to maintain than small patches that require reel mowing. To reduce maintenance costs, talk to your landscape professional about the best turf type to use on the property.

Also consider enlisting in a landscape maintenance company that can regularly keep the property looking its best through proper cultural practices.

Hidden Maintenance Cost #3: Overgrown Plant Life

No maintenance at all is high maintenance. A landscape in decline requires more care, attention and expense to get it back into shape.

It’s like cleaning a house: If you let it go for months, you’ll pay a cleaner much more to get the home back into nice condition. Then, regularly maintaining it is easier, faster and less costly. The same goes for the landscape.

Property owners that prioritize maintenance and keep the site in good condition all year will avoid a backlog of maintenance tasks (and bills).

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