3 Landscape Improvements That Invite Visitors To Stay Longer — And Spend More

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Kukui_Grove_Shopping_CenterKauai is known as Hawaii’s Garden Isle, a lush escape where visitors and locals alike can experience the beauty of the landscaping. The goal for many of our commercial clients is to recreate that garden oasis feel in their landscapes.

From plantings to waterfalls and more, we can introduce Garden Isle features to your commercial property. But before we talk about adding to your existing landscape, let’s begin with the basics. Now, take a good, hard look at your landscaping and ask yourself this: Is it lush? Does it look “alive?” Are plants healthy? Is the grass vibrant and green?

A healthy, well-maintained commercial property is the ultimate welcome mat. Maintenance is the foundation for a garden-like landscape. A beautifully maintained property will invite shoppers to stop in and stay awhile — and, in doing so, they’ll likely spend more.

Never underestimate the impact of quality commercial landscape maintenance. You can add every feature possible to your landscape, but if the plants and grass are suffering, the image you project to shoppers is one of neglect. You do care about your visitors and customers, so show them that their experience matters to you by investing the time and resources in basic maintenance.

Get An Irrigation System Evaluation

Landscape Improvements That Invite Visitors To Stay LongerAn effective irrigation system is the cornerstone of a healthy commercial landscape on Kauai. Are you over-watering to compensate for “hot spots” on the property—those dry areas that tend to brown out faster than the rest of the grounds? This is a common problem.

Already have an irrigation system in place? We recommend a comprehensive evaluation to identify weaknesses and oversights in the system. A strong irrigation system will deliver one of the most essential nutrients for plants. That, of course, is water.

Trust Us—You Need Fertilizer

We know, it’s not free to engage in a lawn care program, which includes a schedule of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, fertilizers and weed and disease treatments throughout the season.

But consider this: Fertilizing the lawn, alone, blows many of our clients away in terms of instant results. When commercial properties that have not been fertilized are treated, they immediately perk up and exhibit the vigor and health you expect.

We suggest that commercial property owners seriously consider their lawn care program and weigh the cost of replacing plants and turf. Because that will be what’s required if what’s there is not fed its vitamins.

A fertilizer program is budget neutral for most clients. And the results are a property that encourages shoppers to stay longer and spend.

Details, Details, Details

Landscape Improvements That Invite Visitors To Stay LongerIf weeds are creeping into landscape beds and turf is reaching out over borders and into walkways and driveways, it’s time to hone in on the detail-work that separates an immaculate commercial property from a Kauai landscape that’s just so-so.

Visitors looking for an authentic island experience will be drawn to properties that are neat, clean and healthy. With detail-work, customers may not notice if you are tending to the beds—but they will notice if weeds, pruning, edging and cleanup has been ignored.

Let Us Help!

Maintenance is the foundation of a beautiful commercial landscape — and who better to turn to than No Ka Oi Landscape Services, Kauai’s award-winning landscape contractor focused entirely on maintenance. Let’s talk more about what your property needs to invite more shoppers to stay and buy.

To learn more, give us a call any time at 808-335-5887, or fill out our simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!

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