4 Pruning Tips For Healthy, Safe Palm Trees

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coconutImagine a large coconut falling from a mature palm tree on your property that’s a few stories tall. The results could actually be fatal and, at the very least, severely damaging to vehicles and passersby. The last thing you want is one of these “liabilities” to drop from a coconut tree on your property.

The solution: proper pruning. Pruning also includes removing small coconuts to prevent them from growing into potential hazards. Now, if you’re growing coconut trees to harvest the fruit, that’s another story — but many commercial properties want to feature the tree without any “fear of falling.”

Here are some tips for pruning coconut trees that will keep the trees healthy and your commercial property safe for all.

Palm Pruning Tip #1: Keep Fronds Freshly Pruned

It’s time to trim back palm fronds when you notice dropping fronds at the base of the circle that begin to turn yellow or brown. Cut the dying fronds close to the tree’s trunk—but not too close.

Bark can be damaged easily, and wounds can become entry points for insects and disease.

Palm Pruning Tip #2: Be Judicious


As a rule, avoid pruning off more fronds than a palm tree produces in one year. For every frond produced, the oldest frond will turn yellow/brown and be ready for pruning. Green fronds help the palm produce food to survive during stressful times like cold and drought.

Take care not to over-prune, which can weaken palms and compromise the overall health of the tree.

Palm Pruning Tip #3: Remove Small Coconuts

For safety’s sake, remove small coconuts from the palm tree. This will prevent them from causing harm to the property or people. Palm trees can reach upwards of 100 feet in height, so consider whether you have the tools and expertise to properly prune and remove coconuts. Landscape professionals with experience in palm tree pruning may use special aerial lifts and trimming techniques to preserve tree health.

Palm Pruning Tip #4: Hire A Professional

The commercial landscape professionals at No Ka Oi Landscape Services have the experience and tools to keep our Kauai clients’ palm trees healthy and safe.

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