Hungry Turf: When (and Why) To Fertilize Kauai Lawns

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Hungry Turf: When (and Why) To Fertilize Kauai LawnsTiming is everything, and we’re talking about when to apply fertilizer to keep Kauai properties green and growing strong year round. Turf nutrition is a critical, and often sidelined, aspect of a successful lawn care program. The reality is, property managers and homeowners alike may be tempted to reduce the cost of their services by cutting out regular “feeding” of their lawns, opting to reduce fertilization or eliminate it altogether. This is a big mistake. (And we see this happen all the time.)

Our clients are often surprised at how green their lawns and flowering shrubs look once they commit to our program. They often ask us, “What’s the secret?” We wish we had a fancy “trick” or novel response to that question, but the reality is, by customizing a lawn care program that includes consistent, properly managed applications of fertilizer, we give clients the results they desire.

Here are some guidelines we follow at No Ka Oi when determining when, and how, to fertilize the Kauai properties we service.

Regular Feeding: The Sustainable Solution

Hungry Turf: When (and Why) To Fertilize Kauai Lawns

Think of how you feel at dinnertime after not eating breakfast and lunch—the likelihood that you’ll overeat is far greater when you skip meals, right? The same goes for your Kauai turfgrass.

When you skimp on a full lawn care program, or avoid fertilizer completely, the lawn eventually enters starvation mode. It’s not getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. So, when you do finally feed the turf, it will require more product than if you had continuously fertilized.

Continuous feeding is critical for a healthy lawn.

Turf Type: Not All Kauai Grasses “Eat” The Same

Your turf variety may differ from that of your neighbor’s because of Kauai’s microclimates, and your own site’s soil conditions and wind/sun exposure. So, the same fertilization rules do not apply on every property.

For example, the warm-season grasses that thrive on Kauai, such as St. Augustinegrass, are fed from spring to late fall. Your landscape professional should tailor a lawn care and fertilization program specifically geared to your turf type, which likely includes one of these varieties that thrives on our garden island: Seashore Paspalum, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia.

Your Kauai Lawn Care Schedule: A General Program

Hungry Turf: When (and Why) To Fertilize Kauai LawnsTaking into account the turfgrass variety on your Kauai property, and the site conditions, we customize a lawn care program to provide constant nutrition to the grass and plants. The base lawn care model is used as a starting point, and we tweak it to accommodate your property’s needs, whether it’s a commercial site or a residential lawn. Here’s what a general lawn care program looks like:

Early Spring (February – April): Fertilizer plus a pre-emergent herbicide will control weeds that developed over winter and green up the lawn as it enters the growing season. You want to avoid fertilizing your Kauai lawn when the grass is naturally dormant—that’s a waste of product.  

Late Spring (April – June): Spring is an active growth and regeneration time for many lawns on Kauai, especially those that go dormant in winter. Fertilizer will supply the lawn with the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to support its growth; while a broadleaf weed application will prevent rampant weed growth.

Summer (June – August): Some areas of Kauai are hot and dry year round, and especially during summer months. Even areas that get regular rainfall can experience periods of unseasonable warmth during summer. Summer feeding will help turfgrass grow strong during the tough summer months, when our properties are also more prone to develop disease and insect problems.

Fall (September – November): A final feeding right before the winter months will prepare the grass for winter by strengthening its roots.

A Green Idea: Call No Ka Oi

Is your Kauai turfgrass hungry? We’ve got the best menu to feed your commercial or residential property with the proper nutrients to maintain its green appearance all year round.

Give us a call any time at 808-335-5887, or fill out our simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!

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