Is It Time To Adjust The Watering Schedule On My Property?

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As we ease into the heat of summer, when Kauai’s commercial landscapes tend to get dry and thirsty, the irrigation systems may be operating on a spring schedule—and that means less watering because most sides of Kauai get more rainfall in March vs. July.

summer is an ideal time to re-evaluate the irrigation schedule for your commercial property

Maybe you notice some signs that your grounds need a revamped, more rigorous watering schedule:

  • dry spots

  • weed infestations

  • general burnout

Now is an ideal time to re-evaluate the irrigation schedule for your commercial irrigation system and tune it up for summer weather conditions.

Because of the microclimates we deal with on Kauai, giving blanket advice about watering frequency is just not possible. That’s why we always address irrigation needs on a case-by-case basis.

A retail property located just five miles away from one of our oceanfront resorts might require a completely different watering schedule.

And it’s not just about the weather, your landscape’s topography—slopes, the amount of turf, where hardscape is positioned—make a significant impact on watering needs.

Let’s talk about the potential commercial irrigation maintenance your property needs this summer, and how a professional irrigation audit can get you on track to smarter watering.

Identifying Water Management Issues

summer is an ideal time to re-evaluate the watering schedule for your commercial propertyDepending on your location on Kauai, your property may need more or less irrigation during summer. There’s no standard summer irrigation schedule, so we look for indicators on your property that the irrigation system needs a watering schedule adjustment. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there pools of water collecting on walkways or on lawn areas?

  • Do you notice weed infestations, which can be attributed to improper irrigation? A lawn needs nutrients and water to grow healthy.

  • Are there hot spots in the lawn—brown patches? These are areas that get the most sun-exposure and are most likely to “burn out.”

Summer tests our lawns, but property managers that tune in to these signals and correct their irrigation systems’ watering schedules can preserve their lawns so they stay vibrant the rest of the season.

Addressing Irrigation Maintenance

If your Kauai lawn shows any of the red flags we described—hot spots, pooling water, weed outbreaks—the irrigation system’s watering frequency (schedule) may not be to blame. We often discover leaks and breaks in irrigation systems during summer, after they’ve been up and running for a couple of hard-working months.

Irrigation spray heads can get damaged because of heavy traffic in the lawn area, and golf carts can even trip up systems when accidents occur. We have some clients that are switching from their older irrigation spray heads to pop-ups for this reason. The take-away: Address these irrigation maintenance problems now, before they cause lawn damage or trigger more breaks in your commercial irrigation system.

Irrigation Audit For Commercial Properties

9180335674_72cb9b16eb_zHow much water does your irrigation system use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? What does it cost you to run that system? These are a couple of questions an irrigation audit (or assessment) will answer.

The purpose of an irrigation assessment is to identify weak points in your irrigation system, flag maintenance issues and report on ways to improve system efficiency.

Did you know that a broken sprinkler head could waste up to 25,000 gallons of water in six months? (We’re hoping you wouldn’t wait that long to repair it.) A tiny leak can dribble out a shocking 6,500 gallons of water in a single month.

Today, there are smart controllers, rain sensors that ensure your property is not getting water when Mother Nature already did the work, and efficient sprinkler heads that can save water and your budget. We encourage you to enlist in an experienced landscape contractor to conduct an irrigation assessment so you can water wisely.

Don’t Wait To Adjust Your Watering Schedule

Proactive property managers will reserve time now to conduct an irrigation audit so they can identify and solve watering issues. Your landscape is a significant investment, and keeping it healthy and lush during summer is no small feat.

Irrigation is a big part of overall turf health. If your Kauai property’s irrigation system is running efficiently and effectively, you’ll preserve the integrity of your outdoor spaces and prevent lawn damage and disease/weed pressure that can strike when watering is ignored.

Let’s talk more about ways you can water smart this year and how we can offer up the right water management solutions for your site. Contact us any time at 808.335.5887, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


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