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When Is The Best Time to Prune Your Kauai Trees and Shrubs?

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When, why and how often should you prune your Kauai trees and shrubs?

This question isn’t so easy to answer in Hawaii, where plants are growing all the time. Sure, landscapes slow down slightly in winter months when the temperatures are a bit cooler, but the growing season never really comes to a full stop.

So how do you deal with pruning when plants never take a break from growing?

Unfortunately, when it comes to pruning, we often see commercial properties on the island where a landscape contractor goes in for “routine pruning” and severely cuts back trees and shrubs. This is potentially harmful for the plants, and disappointing for clients—especially when trees that flower annually are pruned before they bloom. (Boo!) Excessive pruning basically can shock a plant into survival mode, causing it stress and affecting its growth potential.

4 Pruning Tips For Healthy, Safe Palm Trees

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Imagine a large coconut falling from a mature palm tree on your property that’s a few stories tall. The results could actually be fatal and, at the very least, severely damaging to vehicles and passersby. The last thing you want is one of these “liabilities” to drop from a coconut tree on your property.

The solution: proper pruning. Pruning also includes removing small coconuts to prevent them from growing into potential hazards. Now, if you’re growing coconut trees to harvest the fruit, that’s another story — but many commercial properties want to feature the tree without any “fear of falling.”

Here are some tips for pruning coconut trees that will keep the trees healthy and your commercial property safe for all.