3 Affordable Commercial Landscape Enhancements For Building Entrances

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The entrance to your Kauai building has persuasive potential—it can draw visitors inside or send them on their way to another establishment. It’s a powerful first-impression builder. A building entrance sets the tone for the experience guests will have once they enter, and it speaks volumes about how you care for your property.

The good news is, with some minor, budget-friendly tweaks and basic maintenance, you can spruce up your building entrance. You’ll be amazed at how some extra attention to your entrance will improve the look of your entire Kauai commercial property.

Without spending a lot of money or time, here are three simple and affordable commercial landscape enhancements to improve the entrance of your Kauai building.  

Add A Pop Of Color

large, colorful, seasonal planters are a commercial landscape enhancement for entrances

On Kauai, we can grow a large variety of brightly colored plants that thrive year-round because of our warm climate. An entrance is a fine place to install Hawaii favorites like Hibiscus that give visitors an immediate taste of the island. And, colorful plants like bird-of-paradise—one of our favorites—add vibrant, tropical appeal to a building entrance. Anthurium and bromeliad are nice picks for shaded entrances.

You may choose to replace some “worn out” plants that are not thriving with colorful alternatives, and this can breathe new life into your entrance.

Another option is to treat colorful, oversized planters an entrance “garden.” Planters are a convenient way to play with different plant varieties and give you an opportunity to change out the look every season.

Clear The Way

a manicured landscape near an entrance is extremely important

Shrubs and plants grow quickly on Kauai—and they can fast grow out of control without regular pruning and ongoing landscape maintenance. Stand back and take a look at your entrance walkways.

Are there overhanging branches intruding on areas where pedestrians walk or gather? Now look low to the ground: Does grass need edging, and could mulch use a fresh layer?

Sometimes taken for granted, these simple maintenance tasks create a neat, clean and cared-for entrance look. Also, remember to trim back shrubs that grow close to buildings and may block window views or create an entrance for pests.

Create A Seating Area

a seating area is a commercial landscape enhancement for entrances

If your building entrance is a larger space, you can create a public “park” in front of your entrance with some simple seating. Add a planter with colorful flowers to finish off the look.

A seating space can also replace an area by the entrance where shrubs or invasive plants are difficult to control. Why not clear the area for guests and restaging that entrance as a spot to enjoy the views?

Let No Ka Oi Help You Create & Maintain An Appealing Entrance

Your Kauai building’s entrance is a key focal point of the landscape. Are you unlocking its potential?

With some simple updates, including colorful planted pots and basic maintenance, you can enhance your entrance on a limited budget.

Let’s talk about more ways to make the most of your Kauai entrance. We can help you figure out which commercial landscape enhancements can make the biggest impact on your property's entrance. Call us any time at 808.335.5887, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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