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Landscape Audits: Beautiful Kauai Landscapes Get Quality Care Year-Round

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A quality landscape doesn’t grow overnight. And, there’s no fast fix to revive a neglected property quickly, because plants are a lot like people. We take time to grow. We need nutrients to stay healthy and resilient.

So, maintaining a beautiful Kauai property is a year-round commitment that requires attention to plant care, including irrigation, fertilization, pruning and other detail-work.

The 7 Most Common Problems On A Resort (and, What To Do About Them)

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Your Kauai resort is a getaway for guests, who look forward to relaxing poolside, enjoying our Hawaii sunsets and taking in the garden landscapes we’re known for here.

But maintaining a resort landscape requires a commitment—and budget. Over time, plants “age out” and styles do change. Plus, our landscapes literally wear the signs of a busy season. (We’re talking about pedestrian traffic and your lawn.)

Unhappy With Your Landscape Maintenance Company? Here Are The Steps To Take

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Sometimes, it’s the little things—a lawn that is getting sloppy with weeds, overgrown plants, debris here and there. The shrubs need pruning; the grass could be greener. The landscape crew is always late or doesn’t show up when they’re supposed to (or call to inform you). Maybe a guest or homeowner mentioned to you, “The landscape is just not looking that great.”

Lately, you’re noticing that other properties on Kauai—resorts, retailers, HOAs you might compete with—are looking better than yours. What’s the deal?

The 7 Steps No Ka Oi Takes To Make Your Property Safer

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There’s no tip-toeing around it — safety is a major concern in the commercial landscaping industry. Landscaping accidents and negligence happen all too often.

That said, No Ka Oi is a Kauai landscaping company dedicated to ingraining our safety culture into our people. Need proof?

Our company has been nationally recognized by National Association of Landscape Professionals — formerly known as PLANET — multiple times for maintaining a scratch-free fleet and employee incident rate.

We always say, “Good habits start at home.” What is your landscaper doing to make your property safer?

It’s always nice to have someone looking out for you — especially when you don’t expect it. Here are the steps No Ka Oi is taking to make its staff and your property safer with each passing day.

5 Ways Landscaping Can Increase Occupancy Rates For Hotels

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Curb appeal matters, and there are lots of statistics proving that exterior investments to your commercial property deliver a return-on-investment (ROI) and boost business.

A Clemson University study showed that landscaping can result in more than a 100 percent ROI. That translates to increasing occupancy rates for hotels, vacation rentals and other commercial businesses on Kauai that take landscaping seriously.

Property owners we service will agree that the appearance of their outdoor spaces draws in more customers — and traffic is what prospective tenants want to see before they commit to a lease.

Commercial landscaping on Kauai can increase property values, reduces utility bills (that shade tree pays off), and improves a property’s overall impression.

Snowbirds: 5 Landscaping Essentials For A Winter Home On Kauai

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The fragrant flowers, year-round green grass and characteristic coconut palms on Kauai landscapes provide that true tropical escape for snowbirds who enjoy their home-away-from-homes during winter— seeking refuge when the weather at their full-time home is cold and snowy.

For property owners who invest in second homes on Kauai, now is the time to soak in some Hawaiian bliss. The last thing you want is to arrive and find your property in lackluster condition.

But it happens, every year. We get phone calls from property owners who need some “rescue landscape maintenance” on their vacation properties because they were not properly maintained.

On Kauai, there are no breaks from landscape maintenance; our growing season is year-round.  

Now while you are on the island is the perfect time to assess your property, identify any potential problems, and enlist in a reputable landscape maintenance provider who you can trust to care for your grounds while you are gone. That way, when you travel to Kauai to stay for the winter months, your landscape will be in tip-top shape.

Here are five landscape maintenance essentials for your winter home on Kauai.