What's The Best Time To Fertilize A Lawn On Kauai Commercial Properties?

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When is the best time to fertilize a lawn?“Is my commercial property’s landscape getting enough fertilizer?” “When’s the best time to fertilize a lawn on a Kauai commercial property, anyway?”

We hear this question a lot when we meet property managers for the first time, especially if they have been working with a company that never seems to apply fertilizer. (Perhaps the line item is listed on the contract—but why is the lawn looking so brown?)

At No Ka Oi, we know that because of the complex climate here on Kauai, turfgrass and plants need special care, and that includes proper fertilization at the right time. So, what’s the best time to fertilize a lawn on a commercial property? This is an important question to ask if you are reviewing a commercial landscape maintenance contract for the first time—or already engaged with a company that’s caring for your Kauai property and not adequately providing this critical lawn care service.

This article will explain why fertilizing timing and the type of product applied have a direct impact on the health and appearance of your property.  

Best Time To Fertilize A Lawn: Quarterly

On Kauai, we’re maintaining commercial properties year round. The growing season never ends, so a fertilization schedule should reflect that. Our contracts at No Ka Oi include quarterly fertilization of all lawn and ornamentals. (Yes—your plants absolutely need the same fertilization attention that your grass gets to thrive!)

How often should you fertilize a lawn, then? We fertilize commercial properties quarterly: in January, April, July and October. This consistent schedule, with fertilization spaced every three months, ensures that the lawn and plants are properly fed with nutrients to help them grow strong and stand up against weed and disease pressure.

Can You Skip A Fertilizer Application?

how-fertilize-grass-lawns-for-optimal-health0We understand that your budget figures into the buying decision when determining which landscape company will care for your Kauai commercial property. But you get what you pay for, and fertilizer is one item that landscaping companies will skimp on to lower the price of the contract.

Always check maintenance contracts to see exactly how many times the landscaper will fertilize the property in a year. If you see that fertilizer is planned for fewer than four times, that’s a red flag for lawn problems down the road.

Why? Fertilizer can only last so long on your property. We use slow-release fertilizers and apply them every three months, so there is never a gap when your property is “hungry” for nutrition. However, if you miss an application or the landscaper simply does not fertilize that often, you will notice the lawn and plants begin to suffer. Then, you’ll have to invest in treatments to improve the health of the landscape, or manage the cost of replacing plants and grass areas.

You might look at the cost of fertilizer and wonder, can we make an application last longer? Can we skip one service and save some money? Sure, you won’t spend the money on fertilizer—but you may spend the budget on replacing plants instead.

Kauai’s unique climate and year-round growing season can mean a demanding landscape maintenance schedule. Because our roots are here on the island, we understand what the plants and grasses need to thrive, and that includes ongoing nutrition in the form of regular fertilizer applications.

Let’s talk more about how to keep your commercial property looking healthy and vibrant during the tourist season and beyond. Call us any time at (808) 335-5887, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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