How Much Does Commercial Landscape Maintenance Cost On Kauai?

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How much does commercial landscape maintenance cost? You're paying for professionals' time and talent.As a commercial property owner, you understand the value of keeping your Kauai grounds manicured and looking lush. The beauty of your property attracts visitors, residents and customers, so keeping it properly maintained and in polished condition is smart business. Can you afford to ignore landscape maintenance?

Unfortunately, some property owners on the island will spend years working with a cut-rate landscape contractor that doesn’t deliver quality results. The price is low, but the work is sub-par. They like the cost, but they’re unhappy with the finished product: a declining landscape. Does this sound like you?

If you’ve shopped around for commercial landscape maintenance services, you know that the prices can vary widely. You’ll wonder why one company can charge so much when a competitor charges so little.

So, How Much Does Landscape Maintenance Cost?

This is a tough question to answer, but this article will help you understand what factors impact the price of a landscape maintenance contract so you can compare landscape maintenance companies apples-to-apples.

First begin by taking a look at your property. What areas of the landscape need special attention? Have the plants been neglected, and are lawn spaces suffering? Is your irrigation system working properly, and have trees and shrubs been properly cared for and pruned? What improvements would you like to see?

Now, keep these goals, and the current condition of your property, in mind as you shop for landscape maintenance contractors and compare prices. Read on for more.

Beware Of On-The-Fly Quotes

To truly understand the maintenance requirements of a property, a landscaper must visit the grounds and take a solid inventory of what exists. That’s why asking, “How much does commercial landscaping cost?” can be such a tricky question.

At No Ka Oi, we provide estimates only after visiting a property and walking it with the owner. This face-to-face meeting and tour of the grounds is integral to understanding the needs and wants of the property manager.

So, if a landscape company offers you an estimate over the phone without visiting your property, take their recommendations with a grain of salt. An on-the-fly quote means that the company only intends to provide a certain level of service, no matter what your landscape requires.

You want a professional who will partner with you to preserve and enhance your landscape investment. The contractor has to see the property to adequately outline what maintenance tasks are necessary to fulfill these goals.

Frequency: How Often Do You Want Landscape Service?

Plant health is crucial on Kauai. How much does landscape maintenance cost — and how much are you willing to pay?When answering the question, "How much does commercial landscape maintenance cost?" labor is your biggest clue. It's the largest cost associated with landscape maintenance. You’re paying for skilled professionals' time and talent to maintain your commercial landscape. 

The amount of time required to care for your Kauai grounds depends on its size and scope: How big is the property, and what type of landscape features are involved? Do you want to have the lawn mowed weekly, or will the grass require even more frequent care? Should a maintenance professional be on site daily during the workweek to clean up debris, prune, weed and keep the property looking pristine? Or, are you satisfied with a weekly visit from a landscape company?

At No Ka Oi, we provide various levels of maintenance depending on how much of a presence the client wants us to have on the property. Naturally, the more labor hours we dedicate to the grounds, the more the service will cost.

Tree Care: Are There Coconut Trees On Site?

Always find out whether tree pruning is included as a service in the landscape maintenance contract. In effort to keep prices low, some contractors omit this service from regular maintenance contracts. You’ll end up paying more because you simply can’t go through a season without managing trees and shrubs. (À la carte services can really add up!)

The type of trees on your property will impact the maintenance cost. Coconut palms require experienced labor and equipment because coconuts must be removed so they do not present a hazard on the property. Fly-by-night maintenance companies that offer low maintenance prices are probably not capable of delivering coconut palm services. And, they likely don’t carry the proper insurances to protect you from liabilities.

How Much Does Landscape Maintenance Cost? Depends On Property Condition

We often meet property managers who are frustrated with their landscaping company because they feel the contractor is not providing quality service. They’ve chosen budget over reputation. They went for the low price—and they’re not happy. Meanwhile, their Kauai properties suffer.

When this is the case and we take over the account, we have to get the landscape up to par. This usually involves nourishing starved plants. So many companies will omit fertilizers and other lawn care products from a contract to achieve a low price. This is always a mistake.

On Kauai,  plant health care is an absolute must because of the environmental conditions here. If a property is in disrepair and requires extra TLC, the maintenance service fees will cost more—until we can get the grounds back to a healthy state.   

As you select a landscape maintenance firm to care for your Kauai commercial property, be sure that proposals list out services in detail so you can truly compare the offerings. At No Ka Oi, we are a full-service landscape contractor, meaning we are equipped with the skilled technicians, equipment, certifications and experience to manage all of your outdoor maintenance needs. We treat our clients’ landscapes as if they were our own, and this might cost more than a contractor that can only “mow and blow” — and go.

What type of service are you looking for? Let’s talk more. Call us any time at (808) 335-5887, or fill out our simple web contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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