Blooming On Kauai

Landscape Audits: Beautiful Kauai Landscapes Get Quality Care Year-Round

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A quality landscape doesn’t grow overnight. And, there’s no fast fix to revive a neglected property quickly, because plants are a lot like people. We take time to grow. We need nutrients to stay healthy and resilient.

So, maintaining a beautiful Kauai property is a year-round commitment that requires attention to plant care, including irrigation, fertilization, pruning and other detail-work.

Landscape Amenities that Attract Families and Entertain Children

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Families that get away to Kauai for vacations look forward to island, resort living during their stays here. The lush scenery of our “garden isle” is a tropical backdrop for a dream vacation—and the beach views with intoxicating sunsets are postcard perfect.

So, how do you make the most of the beautiful setting that already exists on Kauai while adding landscape amenities that attract families and entertain kids during their time at your resort?

The 7 Most Common Problems On A Resort (and, What To Do About Them)

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Your Kauai resort is a getaway for guests, who look forward to relaxing poolside, enjoying our Hawaii sunsets and taking in the garden landscapes we’re known for here.

But maintaining a resort landscape requires a commitment—and budget. Over time, plants “age out” and styles do change. Plus, our landscapes literally wear the signs of a busy season. (We’re talking about pedestrian traffic and your lawn.)

Unhappy With Your Landscape Maintenance Company? Here Are The Steps To Take

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Sometimes, it’s the little things—a lawn that is getting sloppy with weeds, overgrown plants, debris here and there. The shrubs need pruning; the grass could be greener. The landscape crew is always late or doesn’t show up when they’re supposed to (or call to inform you). Maybe a guest or homeowner mentioned to you, “The landscape is just not looking that great.”

Lately, you’re noticing that other properties on Kauai—resorts, retailers, HOAs you might compete with—are looking better than yours. What’s the deal?

The Best Swimming Pool Plants For Privacy At Your Kauai Resort

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Spending time poolside is what guests look forward to when they travel to your Kauai resort.

The pool area of your property should be a retreat and set the tone for a relaxing, tropical experience. What separates a typical hotel pool from a luxurious poolside escape is its surroundings, and that means selecting the best swimming pool plants to establish privacy and engage the senses.