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Abby Santos is the owner of No Ka Oi Landscape Services on the Hawaii island of Kauai. For over 30 years, No Ka Oi has been the leader in commercial landscape maintenance services on Kauai.

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Landscape Lighting 101 — Making The Case For Outdoor Pathway Lighting

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Pathway lighting safely lights the way for pedestrians on your commercial Kauai property, and it extends the “life” of your grounds so people can enjoy the outdoors from dusk until dawn.

Pathway lights are functional, and sometimes festive. They serve an important purpose — lighting paths, as their name implies. But the benefits go beyond their basic use. They can highlight plants and create an inviting atmosphere.

We think every commercial property can benefit from pathway lights, but here’s what you need to know about fixture types, placement, warranties and maintenance.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Drip Irrigation System

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Four questions for you:

  1. When is the last time you assessed your irrigation system for water efficiency?
  2. Is it delivering moisture to the landscape when and how plants need it?
  3. Does your commercial Kauai property have legacy fixed sprinkler heads?
  4. How are landscape beds receiving water, anyway?

Depending on your answers, your Kauai property might be a candidate for drip irrigation.

The Cost To Install A Fire Pit — 5 Factors To Consider

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Fire pits add ambiance to your commercial property and allow guests to relax, gather and enjoy the great Kauai outdoors. They’re functional, providing warmth. And, they’re just fun. People are drawn to the dancing flames, which become a focal point in an outdoor living space.

We point to Sheraton Kauai Resort as a fine example of how a fire pit can enhance a commercial property. Property managers wanted to renovate its RumFire Courtyard so visitors could unwind by the fire’s glow while enjoying beach views and cocktails. (If this sounds like paradise—well, it is.)

As you consider enhancement projects for 2016 and earmark budget dollars to improve your Kauai commercial property, think about adding a fire pit. The cost of a fire pit will depend on the materials you select, its size and what’s currently in the space where you plan to build. (In other words, how much demolition and prep work will be involved?) You can go simple or extravagant. Both ways, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this popular “extra.”

As you plan a fire pit project, talk to your professional landscape contractor about these five factors that will impact the price.

No Ka Oi’s Top 5 Commercial Landscaping Projects On Kauai In 2015

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A talented, dependable team is the secret to our success at No Ka Oi. People make it happen here, whether we’re starting a new commercial landscaping project from the ground up, updating an older property to bring it into modern times, or enhancing the landscape that is already there.

Our crews are everyday heroes. They work around challenges and help bring landscape plans to life.

Now with the No Ka Oi Enhancements Division, our landscape architect Roland Breclau is leading a team that’s dedicated to beautifying spaces — adding that fire pit, changing the plant palette — for our existing commercial maintenance clients.

When we’re planning a landscape, we always consider what it will take to keep that property looking perfect in the long-term. This means careful plant selection and understanding how a property’s location on Kauai impacts the soil, wind and temperature.

Here, we’d like to highlight five commercial landscaping projects on Kauai we completed in 2015. These are just a sampling of the design and installation work we do.

5 Ways Landscaping Can Increase Occupancy Rates For Hotels

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Curb appeal matters, and there are lots of statistics proving that exterior investments to your commercial property deliver a return-on-investment (ROI) and boost business.

A Clemson University study showed that landscaping can result in more than a 100 percent ROI. That translates to increasing occupancy rates for hotels, vacation rentals and other commercial businesses on Kauai that take landscaping seriously.

Property owners we service will agree that the appearance of their outdoor spaces draws in more customers — and traffic is what prospective tenants want to see before they commit to a lease.

Commercial landscaping on Kauai can increase property values, reduces utility bills (that shade tree pays off), and improves a property’s overall impression.

The 3 Most Damaging Commercial Landscape Pests On Kauai

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Kauai’s tropical climate draws visitors from all over the world who travel to experience the Garden Isle’s beauty. Unfortunately, Kauai also attracts unwelcome guests: landscape pests that can cause costly damage unless they are identified early and managed with diligence.

Knowing about these insects is half the battle. That’s why at No Ka Oi, we strongly believe in educating our team and clients to help them understand how to spot these landscape pests, and what treatment measures can be implemented to keep their plants and turf healthy.

We also keep an eye on landscape pests that are a problem on neighboring islands, such as Oahu, so we can be prepared in case the pest “travels” to Kauai.

Landscape pests can be introduced through ornamental plants, shipping cargo, agricultural trade and even well meaning travelers who don’t realize they’re carrying an extra “passenger” along with them. And, these pests can have a real, negative economic impact on agriculture and tourism.

Here’s what you need to know about four damaging commercial landscape pests we’re targeting on Kauai.

Snowbirds: 5 Landscaping Essentials For A Winter Home On Kauai

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The fragrant flowers, year-round green grass and characteristic coconut palms on Kauai landscapes provide that true tropical escape for snowbirds who enjoy their home-away-from-homes during winter— seeking refuge when the weather at their full-time home is cold and snowy.

For property owners who invest in second homes on Kauai, now is the time to soak in some Hawaiian bliss. The last thing you want is to arrive and find your property in lackluster condition.

But it happens, every year. We get phone calls from property owners who need some “rescue landscape maintenance” on their vacation properties because they were not properly maintained.

On Kauai, there are no breaks from landscape maintenance; our growing season is year-round.  

Now while you are on the island is the perfect time to assess your property, identify any potential problems, and enlist in a reputable landscape maintenance provider who you can trust to care for your grounds while you are gone. That way, when you travel to Kauai to stay for the winter months, your landscape will be in tip-top shape.

Here are five landscape maintenance essentials for your winter home on Kauai.